Advance Bassoon Lessons

You Do Not Have to Go To Far For Advanced Bassoon Lessons

Have you discovered a love for the bassoon? Do those deep notes bring you joy? And do you feel like it is time to elevate your skill level? We offer advanced bassoon lessons to musicians in the Eglin area.


The bassoon is not the largest part in an orchestra, but it is a valuable one and bassoon players enjoy their roll in the larger scheme of things. Career outlooks for a bassoon player are good as long as the musician is skilled and passionate about his/her instrument. If you have an interest in bringing your bassoon skills to a professional level, come enjoy lessons by the best instructors in the area. Gwyn Downy plays bassoon professionally in two orchestras and other venues, she loves the art of playing, and she loves teaching new people with an aptitude for the instrument. Call today to find out if there are any openings for advanced lessons soon.


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