Bassoon Instructor Near Me

If You Are Searching For a Bassoon Instructor Near Me, Call Us Today

If you are on the search for a bassoon instructor near me then you already know all the benefits that music lessons can bring to your mental health and life. You know that the bassoon is a demanding instrument to play, but it is also very rewarding and the job outlook is high if you end up being good enough to make it your career path. You know all the reasons to take bassoon lessons and now you just need to know the best place to get your lessons.


GRD Music Studio offers bassoon lessons to students of all ages in Eglin Il. Our bassoon instructor is a music teacher and professional musician who holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Theory and Composition. She is the principal bassoon with the Park Ridge Orchestra and Fox Valley Orchestra. She has an impressive list of career achievements under her belt, and she is in high demand in the area when it comes to bassoon lessons for children and adults.


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