Beginner Bassoon Lesson

Interested in Music But Unsure Where To Start? Take our Beginner Bassoon Lesson

We offer beginner bassoon lesson classes for you or your child. The lessons are weekly for 45-60 minutes each. You will be paced according to your abilities and you will have daily practice assignments to reinforce skills you learned in your lesson.


Call us at GRD Music Studio we offer quality piano and bassoon lessons to people of all ages in and around Eglin, IL. Contact us to start your life on a new path and enhance your music skills. We love to see new a student's love of music grow with each new lesson, and we know the improvements that music can make in your mood and brain.


To find out more, call today, 847-695-3431. Everyone must start somewhere, why not start this month with us. Who knows were music lessons will take you over the course of the next few years?


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