Learn To Play Piano

Learn to Play Piano To Improve Brain Power, No Matter Your Age

If you have been thinking about beginning to learn to play piano then we encourage you to go ahead and move forward with your plans. Learning an instrument has been proven to increase brain power for people of all ages and intelligence levels.


According to studies done on brain training, professional musicians have greater memory skills, faster reaction times, and even better hearing for longer than their peers. But you do not have to be a professional musician, even a few music lessons and “dabbling in the art” improves memory and brain function in most people according to the study.


For young children or teens diagnosed with dyslexia, it was discovered that playing an instrument helped speech processing and learning. Long term studies found a connection between childhood music lessons and decreased dementia later in life. There are no drawbacks to learning to play piano, so what are you waiting for? Call today for your own lessons.


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