What is your attendance policy?


Regular attendance and commitment are expected. Irregular attendance may result in the loss of a permanent time-slot.

All students should arrive at lessons promptly, with all required materials and music.  Cannot extend lesson if a students arrives late.  There are no refunds for missed lesson.  Any lessons missed by Mrs. Downey will be credited or rescheduled.


When and how can I pay for lessons?


Tuition is paid monthly.  You will receive an invoice via email for each month.  Pay with check,  cash or Zelle beginning of the month for the entire month.  There is a $15 late fee for each week payment is past due. Please include late payment with your late payment.  Additional fees are not included in the monthly tuition, such as books, recital & AIM fees.  Bank fees will be charged for returned checks. On the second occurrence, cash payment is required.


What are your hours?


Academic year: Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 3:00-9pm  

Summer Hours:  Tuesday-Wednesday 9am-8pm 

Please view the GRD Music Studio calendar for available lesson times.


What if my child misses a lesson?


In case of sickness, family emergency or severe weather conditions, on-line lessons will be provided.  Lessons will be rescheduled if parent contacts the teacher within one week or there is no make-up lesson.   Studio will be open if roads are passable and weather permits. All other reasons, vacations, appointments, not prepared for lesson etc. will not be rescheduled.


There are no refunds for missed lesson.  In the event of a “no show,” no refund or reschedule will occur. Any lessons missed by Mrs. Downey will be credited or rescheduled.

What if we have a scheduling conflict?


A “swap list” is provided to help with rescheduling. This list allows parents to swap a student’s lesson day/time for one lesson with another student when a conflict arises. This will enable the student to still have their lesson if they miss due to  extra-curricular activity/vacation, etc. The list will be given only to those who give permission to put their name on the list. It will be up to the student/parent to call the other student/parent and arrange to ‘swap’ lesson day and time for the lesson they wish to miss. CC Gwyn on email so she is prepared for the correct student.  If you cannot find someone to swap, the lesson will not be rescheduled.


If you choose not to sign up for the list, the lesson will not be made up or refunded.


What are your drop-off and pick-up procedures?


- Please respect other student’s lessons and enter quietly. Questions will be answered during your child’s lesson.

- Please drop off and pick up on time. Anything more than 5 minutes early is too much unless there is a special need, as it is very distracting to the student taking the lesson.

- I am unable to extend a time if a student arrives late.


How often should my child practice?


Outside preparation is essential to progress. Playing an instrument requires extraordinary motor skills and more solitary preparation than many other activities.  The student should practice each assigned song listed in their assignment book 5 times every day 5 days a week.


What is my role as a parent?


Taking lessons is a commitment for both child and parent. Parents may observe lessons and be available to discuss needs and progress of their child. Parents must serve as an active participant at home and sit with their child at least twice a week during their practice to monitor their progress and to ensure they are completing their assignments correctly.   Without regular practice, little progress will be made toward achieving one’s musicals goals.  Lessons will be of no use if your child does not practice or do the assigned homework each day at home.  Please ensure these are completed each week.


Do you ever dismiss students?


Students may be dismissed for the following:   1. Failure to pay tuition on time.  2. Persistent absences.  3. Uncooperative attitude.   4. Lack of progress due to insufficient practice.


What is your termination policy?


Notice of termination of lessons is required 30 days in advance of the last lesson or student will be responsible for one month’s tuition after the last lesson.


Can we bring a friend to the lesson?


To prevent distraction, ensure privacy and increase safety, no visitors other than students and parents are allowed to

attend lessons.  Children who are not my students may not be left unattended.

Do you offer referral bonuses?


Yes! Your referrals are greatly appreciated. For each new student registration based upon your referral, you will receive one free lesson!

Don’t see your question? Please contact GRD Music Studio for more information.

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